These Critical Points Show
If Keeping Your Apartment
Building Is Good For Your

Our typical clients are apartment complex owners, with multiple doors, who have owned their building for more than 10 years and have done nothing with the building. Are you one of them? You also may be behind on payments and there’s a loan event due on the property.

The building has deferred maintenance, below-market rents and issues with recapturing the market based on the condition of your building.

If you recognize one of the next 12 critical points, it’s time to sell your apartment complex:

Estate sale

you want to sell it and get money.


you need to cover expenses.


you’ve had enough and want your money back.


you’ve had enough and want your money back.

Failing health

you need to pay for medical bills.


you want a better retirement without stress.

Repairs needed

and you can’t afford them.

Losing Money

the return is the opposite of what you had imagined.

Inherited Property

you’d rather have money.


you have no other choice but to sell it.


you’re moving and need to sell the building.

Bad tenants

you don’t want to deal with them anymore.

Behind all these reasons there’s a big one – you simply want to turn your apartment complex into money you deserve. If any reason above resonates with you, we’re here to help! We always find solutions for difficult real estate situations. We buy apartment buildings and will help you make the best decision possible when you need to sell. We will help you run the numbers and understand the current market for apartment buildings in your area

If you want to have a hassle-free experience, and get our help with your apartment building, request your no-obligation offer now so you can make a fully informed decision.

Our offer will uncover what’s a fair amount for your apartment building
and you’ll get our eBook, a consultation, and virtual tax seminars.

Does Selling Your Apartment Building
Have To Be A Nightmare?

No. Selling your apartment building fast without any fees or hardships can be much easier than you think.
Many apartment owners are wondering “how to sell my building” and don’t know the correct steps to take, which makes them take
far longer than they need to.

If you would choose the traditional route of listing your apartment complex you would have to spend a lot of time and money to do it. And spending more money is the last thing you need right now.

We buy apartment complexes regularly and we’ve done all the hard work for you. You will get an offer fast within 48 hours. Once you have accepted the offer, we handle all the closing hassles and have the deal done quickly. No real estate agent can do it like that.

What else would you have to do?

Making repairs and improvements to make it more attractive.

Paying a realtor thousands of dollars in commissions.

Having dozens of strangers viewing your apartment building.

Having your building sitting on the market for a long time with no buyer.

Our clients love that we remove all these hardships above. We will save you a lot of time, thousands of dollars you’d waste, and your apartment building will be sold faster than you think. All you need to do now is request your no-obligation offer and you’ll receive it within 48 hours.

Why Apartment Building
Owners Choose Us When
Selling Their Apartment

We are your one-stop place for selling an apartment building that you either inherited, bought, syndicated or just don’t want anymore. You have the opportunity to sell your apartment building and turn it into cash that you can use. We solve all your problems by taking this apartment complex for a fair offer, “as is,” and without having to list it with a broker or doing any repairs.

You may be wondering “should I sell my apartment building?” Selling your apartment building might be the best solution if you’re a tired and burnt out landlord and you don’t want to be in the tenant business anymore.

What outcomes can you expect after selling?

  • You’ll build a family legacy.
  • You can potentially avoid capital gains.
  • You’ll add more cash-flow to your retirement.
  • Your will have a better quality of life.

why apartment building owners choose us:

We give all clients an option to accept a letter of intent, with little renegotiating as possible.

We provide instant solutions to help ease your financial burden regarding taxes, liens, or mortgages that are causing financial discomfort..

We will alleviate your stress that a problem property is causing you because we buy “as-is” apartment buildings.

We will alleviate your stress that a problem property is causing you because we buy “as-is” apartment buildings.

Our offer will uncover what’s a fair amount for your apartment building
and you’ll get our eBook, a consultation, and virtual tax seminars.

The Biggest Advantage
We Can Guarantee

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We promise you won’t find a faster and fairer solution. We make it really simple to get a fair offer on your building(s) with no fees and no stress. The closing process is all handled by a registered closing agent who handles the closing and transfer of funds from escrow straight to you. Any liens, code violations or back taxes are wiped clean for you during this process and you pay…nothing!

Best Advice Guarantee

Our 1×1 Free Consulting Calls are there for you to talk to us about your multi family complex. With our experience, we can walk through advice and options for you to consider, free of charge. We will also advise you on how to defer capital gains taxes for decades or even generations without doing a 1031 exchange. Come and join our seminars or book a 1×1 call with us.

Our Bonuses Help
You Make Great Decisions

Bonus 1

30-Minute Multi Family Consultation Call

Got lots of questions about your multi family complex? Stuck with not knowing the best strategy for your multi family business? We can help. For free. Simply book a time with our team and we will be happy to review your current situation, financials, tenancy situation, and your personal positions and plans and we can simply provide you with free advice and guidance. This is not a sales call, it’s just us sharing our time and expertise with you.

Bonus 2: Free 20-Page eBook

Multi Family Investments Done Right! How Structuring A Multi Family Complex Can Make Or Break Your Dreams

A comprehensive book to provide readers with lots of tips, advice and suggestions on how Multi Family investments and complexes can be set up to work well, and what you can do to exit your multi family complex if it no longer brings you joy and prosperity.
This book has been written with years of experience behind it, and all readers benefit from the viewpoints shared and insights provided to help you make the best decision possible.

Bonus 3

Free 60-Min Information Sessions with A Multi Family Professional

These Information sessions are put on by exclusive members of the American Apartment Association.

Advanced tax strategies that can allow you to defer capital gains taxes for decades or even generations without doing a 1031 exchange. Discover a lot of useful advanced tax strategies you might not be aware of, but you need to know about them if you don’t want to lose more money.


Our offer will uncover what’s a fair amount for your apartment building
and you’ll get our eBook, a consultation, and virtual tax seminars.

Claim Your Offer And
Free Bonuses Now

You’re just one step away from being a happy seller so you can build a family legacy, potentially avoid capital gains, and add cash-flow to your retirement. If you’re wondering “how long does it take to sell an apartment complex,” it’s time to give you the answer. Our no-obligation cash offer will give you all the data and information so you can make a fully informed decision.

This is for you ONLY if you really want to sell an apartment building fairly “as-is” without having to list it with a broker, agent, making repairs, or paying fees. Our spots are limited because we only work with a few sellers every month. If you want to avoid disappointment, click below to download your Bonuses with an offer for your apartment building now.

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