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  • Close escrow on a date of your choosing.
  • Absolutely no fees, closing costs or commissions.
  • Convenient & painless transaction.

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Enter your contact details and the property address of the house you want to sell in the form on the bottom of this page. Or call us at:  678-465-7094

We’ll call to gather a few additional details that’ll help us make a fair offer. We recommend scheduling an inspection with our inspector. He’ll make a fair assessment of your home and offer the highest we can for it. Our offer will be based on the current market, less any repairs/upgrades it may need.

Like our offer? Great! We can move to the closing process below. Think we can do better? Let us know what number you would like and we’ll see if we can meet your request. If not, no problem! If we’re not your best solution, we’ll gladly tell you so and can refer you to people that can better help you.

1.) Sign & Return Seller Documents

We’ll send you a simple sellers document to sign and return to us. Feel free to look it over and give us a call if you have any questions: 678-465-7094

2.) Sign & Return Escrow Documents

Our escrow company will contact you & send some additional paperwork for you to complete. Simply sign & return. We’re here to help make this a smooth and easy process for you.

3.) Collect your cash & Celebrate!

After all documents have been returned, that’s it! You’ve successfully sold your home. Once completed we can wire transfer your funds or you can pick up a check. It’s that easy!

“We sold the house fast, at a fair price & near zero effort on our part. Thank you, way to go! We are happy and plan a big family vacation.”

-Mr. & Mrs. R Von Heeringen., Banning, CA

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I had the choice of many real estate profession, but selected the Wyatts because they were the most service oriented. staff delivered on their promise right from the beginning.

Chad H.

U Guys Rock!

Tran N.

“It was very smooth and went very well. They made everything easy. I would certainly recommend The Wyatt Group. It was a great experience.”

Mary C.

Easiest Transaction Ever

Selling Made Simple

At The Wyatt Group Inc. our motto is: ‘Selling Made Simple’. It’s our goal to eliminate the stress, the hassle and most importantly the pain of selling a home. We buy houses fast so you don’t have to stress for months waiting to sell your home when it could be sold in just days.

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